With a history spanning nearly 200 years, Levi’s sits in a unique position, as a heritage brand rich in stories, values, and authenticity unmatched by its competitors. While a storied past can be a treasure trove for brands, it’s important to adapt and resonate with contemporary consumers. Today, Levi’s appeal is stronger than ever, remaining relevant with new generations of consumers who have an overwhelming amount of denim choices.

On Thursday, October 26th at 4:15pm CST, NELSON Chief Brand & Creative Officer, Bevan Bloemendaal, and Lifestyle Studio Leader, Faith Huddleston will be joined by Levi’s Director of Global Store Design, Jesse Moyer for a fireside chat at the International Retail Design Conference in Minneapolis. During this closing keynote, Jesse, Bevan, and Faith will discuss how Levi’s remains relevant and ahead of the competition. What do they prioritize when it comes to store design and the in-store experience? Find out in this “riveting” session from two different perspectives – client and designer.

Register today for the International Retail Design Conference to attend this exclusive look at Levi’s, and for perspective on how centuries-old brands thrive in the 21st century. Save $100 on event registration with promo code EABGUEST. Restrictions apply. See website for details.