Meet Brandon Page, VP, Brand Communications and Environmental Graphic Design. Brandon will oversee the strategic connection of brand and culture in the physical space across all NELSON Worldwide practices and clients. Brandon, and the EGD team reporting to him, will elevate the creative leadership and strategic development of CX experiences that transform the user journey and drive overall brand awareness and identity.  


What inspired you to get into architecture/design/engineering/the work that you do?

I have been a creative ever since I can remember. I’ve also been very left brain/right brain-centric, shifting back and forth at any given time, depending on the problem I am trying to solve. With that said, I was always determined to grow up and be an artist, or creative of some sort. My father was an engineer and attempted to steer me into architecture. I wanted nothing to do with that, so after graduating from an arts high school, I left for The Maryland Institute, College of Art to study Fine Arts. While studying there, I started to have an interest in design, so all my internships revolved around the design world. I was sought out by RTKL my senior year of college, and I started my first day of work there the day after I graduated. In the end, I am still a fine artist, but I also have a deep love for design, architecture, and creative thinking. In a way, my dad and I ended up meeting each other halfway. I think he would be proud if he were around to see it.


Q: Are you an early riser or a night owl?

I am both. In general, I probably sleep less than the average person. I am always on the go, and some of my best work is done late at night, or early in the morning.


Q: What is a quote or mantra you live by?

“Fail Harder”. This is a brilliant quote by Jim Lasser, at Wieden + Kennedy. It’s a play-off of “Fail Fast” but puts a collaborative spin on it. Essentially, it describes success as the ability to let go of the fear of failure, to learn from it, and ultimately move on to success. In the design agency perspective, it’s allowing yourself to do this in a team setting, knowing you can count on others around you to collaborate, innovate, adapt, fail, learn, and ultimately succeed as a group. This is where the real magic happens.


Q: What is a song or album that helps pump you up or get excited?

I am a very immersed in the music world. I even write music myself, so my favorite song or album is always changing. If I were stranded on a deserted island, I would, without hesitation, tell you Miles Davis’ “Kinda Blue” album from 1959. However, if I were to pick a recent song, I would steer you to my friend RJ Krohn, also known as RJD2. He is a truly prolific musician I went to high school with. He is most well-known for his soundtrack to the TV show “Madmen”. He just released a new album recently called “Escape From Sweet Auburn”. The second track “Whatchawannado (Instrumental)” will get anyone excited and ready to work, drive, or just jump up and down. I have had the opportunity to work with RJ in the past and have designed a few of his album covers.


“Collaboration is paramount to a strong work culture and I look forward to fostering that connectivity in this role.” – Brandon Page