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Located in Cary, North Carolina, this multi-phase project reimagined 300,000 square feet of Verizon corporate workspace. The goal was to energize the environment, create buzz, provide authentic cultural support, and enhance productivity through flexibility. 

The new office features an activity-based layout, allowing employees to choose the type of space that best supports the work they are doing. Individuals or teams can work from a centrally located glass conference room or one of the booth style seating areas. This design solution encourages engagement, fosters collaboration and provides a user-friendly experience rooted in technology and wellness.

Natural accents throughout the space reflect Verizon’s brand ethos and commitment to employee wellness. Strategically selected colors, carpeting, and environmental branding and graphics evoke the outdoor environment, while floor-to-ceiling windows take advantage of the building’s stunning views, including a lake and various hiking trails. Amenities include a fitness center and full-service cafeteria that also contribute to the company’s focus on employee wellness.

The new space leverages a technology-enhanced experience while creatively incorporating the facility’s peaceful natural surroundings and providing a modern, dynamic workplace for its staff. 

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