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The impact of the coronavirus has only accelerated the blurring between dedicated and mobile work spaces and has prompted a reimaging of the office environment.

Today’s companies need a platform that will adapt and respond to rapidly evolving worker needs, providing a foundation for reinvention at almost any time. Meanwhile, employees are looking for a dynamic destination to return to for collaboration, connection, and community.

Flexible Design

Dynamic Wellbeing


Equity of Presence

Future Proofing the Office

As designers driven by the prospect of transforming all dimensions of the human experience, we advocate for spaces that support health and wellness and create dynamic concepts that allow companies to adapt and evolve without the need for relocation. With every project, our team promises and delivers spaces that meet the standards of today and tomorrow.

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Innovation Workshop

Evolving the Workplace

The looming concept of “returning to work” provides organizations the opportunity to reexamine and reimagine who they are, how they work, and how they can evolve. Our collaborative, cross-functional workshops spark innovation, foster a user-centric design, and get cross-functional teams working toward a common goal.

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Environments should be inherently built to be flexible, encouraging collaboration, and the active interchange of ideas:

  • Consider dayparting, transforming throughout the day/night to support changing workstyles
  • Align space with enterprise values and goals to foster a sense of identity, sending a clear message externally to the market and internally to employees
  • Implement dynamic technology or flexible graphic systems that can easily be refreshed utilizing new content
  • Consider both interior and exterior spaces that can shift from public to private
  • Natural and open areas that provide variety, flexibility throughout the day


Reveal Your 2021 Office Identity

Take our short quiz to reveal your 2021 office identity and how you can better position your environment and experience to align with your business and brand goals.

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2021 Reset: Is Your Office Ready?

As your office prepares to welcome back teammates, NELSON’s Barbara Riekse, Holly Williamson, and Kelli Fellers share the most up-to-date requirements and recommendations to prepare you for a seamless transition.

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Flexible Futures

What to Expect from the Workplace in 2021 and Beyond

In the final presentation of our Workforce Webinar Series, NELSON’s Vicki Eickelberger was joined by Design Futurist AJ Paron to take a future-focused approach to what’s next for the workplace.

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