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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact global business daily, and the legal sector is no exception. This typically conservative industry, no stranger to economic crises in recent decades, has once again been forced to adopt rapid changes to maintain business continuity. The challenges developing around physical space, client service, and employee safety at this time promise to reshape the legal workplace in both the near- and long-term.

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Webinar: Office Space 2021

The Anatomy of Design Changes to Maximize Wellness and Minimize Exposure in the Post-COVID World

Watch our latest webinar as Husch Blackwell and NELSON Worldwide take an in-depth look at the transition back into the workplace. Discussing legal, design, and wellness considerations to better adapt your office for the future.


The Slow Death of the Dedicated Attorney Office

As law firms continue to modernize and explore trends that were long ago adopted by other industries, we’re seeing more of them embrace progressive space concepts than ever before. Does this mean private attorney offices are on their way out?

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Podcast: COVID-19 Is Going To Change Your Whole Office Design

NELSON’s own Marty Festenstein and Kristin Cerutti joined Above the Law to discuss the design of traditional law firms and how that model will be changed in the aftermath of COVID-19. They also explore what trends will come as a result of the pandemic, and some changes that most businesses are embracing that just won’t work for law firms.

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Stay Current: Workplace Planning Continues to Change

Marty Festenstein sits down with Midwest Office Capital Markets Group for their COVID-19 Conference Call Series. Stay Current: Workplace Planning Continues to Change discusses current space trends, space requirements, differing needs per tenant industry, and predictions for the future.

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Mobility, supported by technology—inside and outside of the traditional workplace—has transformed the knowledge workforce. Design solutions that encourage more movement address these crucial shifts head on, and a shared layout can play an important supporting or starring role within the overall strategy.

Marty Festenstein, Practice Leader, Legal

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