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With innovation and evolution comes change. And with change comes a learning curve for your employees.

At NELSON, we believe integrating a successful change management program is the key to a smooth and steady transition. We understand one size does not fit all when it comes to change management strategies and our team works with you to customize solutions that meet your business and brand goals.

Keys to a Successful Transformation

Navigating Change
  • Communicating the change
  • Change management road map that outlines the message, execution plan, and communication tools
Take Action
  • Educate and engage leadership to communicate progress and status
  • Identify change champions to advocate for a new way of working
Prepare & Inform
  • Project milestones, participation plan, and training
  • Digital playbooks/guidelines
  • Townhall and hype meetings
  • Online interactive platforms

Scalable Transition Paths

NELSON’s approach to Change Management is scalable to the needs of the customer.

Incremental Change

This path might represent the introduction of low paneled workstations to replace current high panels or the remodel of an unused office to a huddle room.

Moderate Change

This path represents the introduction of new workstyles and the subsequent new work practices that come with the work style shift.

Transformational Change

This path represents the introduction of a new location, new workstyles, and the subsequent new work practices that come with the work style shift.

Andrea Brandt Testimonial Image

A strategic change management program is a company’s secret weapon. From incorporating new technologies to relocating offices or introducing new initiatives, without change management comes higher risks of resistance, delayed deadlines, and budget setbacks. A world with change management means quicker stakeholder buy-in, a positive employee experience, and so much more.

Andrea Brandt, Studio Director, NELSON Worldwide, Prosci Certified Change Practitioner

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