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Webinar: Adjusting to the Connected Economy

Did you miss the design:retail webinar? Catch up with a deep dive look into the new Connected Economy. Moderating a panel of leaders from Kroger, Michaels Stores, and Neighborhood Goods—Robyn Novak of NELSON explores new consumer behaviors and how brands should adapt post-COVID-19.

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Impact on the Food & Beverage Industry

From dining to delivery and everything in between Covid-19 has made a lasting impact on the food and beverage industry. Restaurant and grocery retailers around the world have quickly shifted their models to accommodate new rules and regulations while considering the long term effects on their operations. Our own Tom Custer shares his perspective on these changes and on how brands can more seamlessly adapt.

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Seizing Opportunity from the Eye of the Storm

Brand Strategy is frequently de-prioritized in a bull market when market conditions are favorable. Yet, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, we are entering an era where businesses must explore shaping the future to their advantage. As we move past the initial crisis management, there is a significant long-term opportunity to win in the rebound phase of the recovery by charting the course forward.

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Retail After COVID-19


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