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Blurred Lines

As retail continues to rapidly shift, we recognize that today’s consumers are engaging with brands in a much more fluid manner, moving through experiences with no delineation in mind about format, location, or category – the traditional sectors of retail, restaurant, hospitality, workplace, healthcare, and even industrial have blurred, and their influence signifies a shift in function and utilization of spaces.

Traditional, one-use destinations of the past have now become a mosaic of activities and engagement, a reflection of wavering consumer preferences and a desire to unify the experiences where consumers choose to shop, dine, work, play, and stay.

We bring out-of-industry inspiration to create more meaningful and differentiated experiences.


Expanding Healthcare: Why Medi-Retail is Making Waves

The definition of healthcare is expanding. Rising doctor shortages and medical costs are squeezing existing systems in the US, UK and China – unleashing major opportunities for retail disruption. From supermarket-steered diets to pharmacies as surrogate GPs and e-dispensaries courting on-demand diagnoses, the definition of traditional healthcare is shifting and malls should be taking advantage.

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Creating Successful Click-and-Collect Solutions

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and a global pandemic causing retail developments to limit capacity or temporarily close, transforming underutilized space into creative pickup and return concepts is a clever and valuable way to meet consumer demands now and in the future. When activating a development for click-and-collect opportunities, there are four principles to creating successful consumer engagement.

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On The Horizon: Airport Trends of the Future

As the world continues to rapidly shift in the wake of the pandemic, the travel industry has a unique opportunity to leverage this lull to reimagine the passenger experience. Not only to create resilient environments that provide guests with confidence and control, but offer travelers a compelling experience that’s as memorable and engaging as their final destination. 

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