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Designing An Equal Future

The last year has shown us the world’s ability to transform. It’s with that optimism that we accept the challenge to contribute to the positive change our industry so desperately needs.

At NELSON, our purpose to Boldly Transform the Human Experience was not meant as a static mantra, but as a dynamic rally cry for our brand, our teammates, and our industry to embrace what’s possible. We are committed to taking action to achieve justice, equity, and inclusion for architects, designers, and the communities we serve.

Our commitment

Training & Engagement

Provide greater opportunities and awareness of programs, platforms, and training that address diversity


Develop internal development programs and a commitment to greater diversity on our Advisory Board


A commitment to increase recruitment of Black design staff and  professionals at the firm

Mentorship & Philanthropy

Increase mentorship opportunities and transform our philanthropic partnerships at a local and national level

Here are a few ways you can participate in change

Where we are


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